We have created Gemini in order to develop and offer the best components for racing, where each tenth of a second, each millimeter, and each gram counts. We design our components and their performance specifically for each discipline, using the most advanced software. We optimize these components so they can help you push your limits, and we make them with maximum quality and care in Barcelona, using the best materials.  

Roland & Jose Baides  – 2017

Edgar Granados


We used to race like crazy on our bikes as little kids, and grew up competing: track, road, downhill racing, and more. We have always been surrounded by bicycles, and today Jose Baides, expert in manufacturing composite materials, and Roland Baides, after years of experience designing motorbikes, bicycles and components for a lot of leading brands, together, we have decided to use all the knowledge we have acquired over the years to create something new, without any restriction, taking advantage of that especial bond between brothers, with a clear vision—making the best components. The result is GEMINI.

Testing on the ground, Iceland – 2016

Edgar Granados


By manufacturing our products in Barcelona, we get a better control over the entire process and over the materials we use, all of them of European origin; it also helps us reduce waste and allows us to make sure the waste is treated responsibly, as well as reduce the import-related environmental impact.   

We produce high-end performance pieces and use carbon fiber to be able to get the best and most resistant components—it is not just a marketing strategy. Our components are intended to be used for a lot of years; thus, we are promoting responsible consumption.

We are in close contact with our suppliers to implement greener resins and all the advances made for sustainability related to composites manufacturing.    

Nature is where we can fully enjoy this sport that we are so passionate about—using resources responsibly is very important to us; for this reason, we have decided to manufacture our products in Barcelona.

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