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New Pröpus DC

Scroll down to discover what makes it different.

The ultimate
Down Country beast
A GEMINI Pata Negra for your dream build.

A piece of art for riding

Not just another one amongst many. For those looking for distinction; for whom beauty and performance are essential.

We belief
it's time to change.

That is why everything is done at home,
at our headquarters located in Barcelona,
where Gemini craftsmen can ensure
the excellence of each piece.

Unibody design
When art meets engineering.
Greater stress distribution
By eliminating the union between stem and handlebar, the stresses generated by preloads derived from assembly are avoided, generating a better distribution of stresses throughout the entire handlebar.


The circular cross sections perform equally in all directions, this is why we have developed the GMN section with two basic purposes: decreasing hand fatigue arising from vibrations and forces, and increasing reactivity and control when turning.


By reducing the vertical section we have achieved an increased absorption of vertical impacts and vibrations, this translates into less hand fatigue and being able to keep a high speed of descent.


By enlarging the horizontal section we have managed to increase the rigidity of the handlebar against any force exerted by the pilot when turning, this translates into a more direct and reactive steering control.

Wider geometry range
Find your perfect Pröpus configuration.
Different geometry, different layup, different soul.
85 different carbon pieces
carefully hand-placed
to create every single handlebar


Carbon fiber is not the same everywhere—this is why we have chosen the most resistant fiber, with an intermediate modulus. Mitsubishi MR70 is a latest generation, high-end carbon fiber, developed for the most discerning clientele in the aerospace industry. This is the best option to ensure optimum performance of the handlebar, as well as increase its resistance lowering its weight.


The material properties are really important, but so is the building structure of the parts—this is why we use a “sandwich” structure, using twill as the external and internal layers to increase its resistance to delamination due to impacts, and a UD carbon fiber core that ensures getting the best mechanical and structural properties of the fiber.


What cannot be seen is as important as what can be seen, this is why we have created a specific bladder for every handlebar size, which allows us to adapt it perfectly to the handlebar shape and obtain a perfect fiber compaction, avoiding the formation of wrinkles and resin pools.


The best material to be in contact with carbon fiber is titanium. Thanks to its chemical properties, it acts as a noble material, preventing any kind of galvanic corrosion, this is why we have chosen it for the bolts, as well as because of its balance of mechanical properties and weight.

Suitable for vostok

Add your device while keeping a fresh look.

Choose your carbon finish

We want your Pröpus to be unique.

Still not enough?

Create your own custom design. Contact us,
we can make your dreams come true.


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