you are unique,
let it show.
Let your imagination and creativity fly, tell your story, your passion. Let our team of artists create a unique work of art with an exclusive personality for you.
Gemini Custom Lab
We have created Custom Lab for all the cycling lovers above sport, for those who enjoy riding unique bikes with personality, for details lovers who seek to get out of the conventional. Unleash your creativity and our team of artists will turn high-performance Gemini components into one-of-a-kind works of art.
Proceso de pintura
Hand painted
Not just every component we make is made by a craftsman who carefully places each layer of carbon fiber into its place, our team of artists is also capable of playing with endless configurations of colors and effects, from subtle details like changing the color of the letters to complete works of art with the most personal touch painted by hand. The limit is up to you.
Upscale finishing

We are committed to offering you the best with top-quality finishes. At Custom Lab each piece is individually painted as a work of art, taking care of every detail and dedicating all the necessary time and attention to make everything perfect and to be a work worthy of admiration. We realize you might feel like hanging it on the wall instead of mounting it on your bike.

Unique, just for you
If you know what you want, you can choose from an endless palette of colors and designs that perfectly suits your style, send us your design and we will get to work. Do you want something special, but you are not sure what? Our team of artists will make you a proposal that fits what you are looking for, let yourself be guided by their experience and they will create something unique for you.


Each CUSTOM LAB customization is individually crafted and painted, treated as a unique piece separate from the production pieces we create every week, and the necessary time is devoted to achieving unmatched designs and finishes.

This process is unique and exclusive to each piece, which results in an additional cost based on the design. For customizations that involve adding one color, the cost is 150€ (VAT included), any additional color will incur an additional charge of 100€ per color (VAT included). For special color references outside of our color chart, please inquire about the price.

How it works
Contact our team by sending us your design or explaining what you have in mind, you can send us images for reference. Our team will assess your proposal and indicate the cost of customization. You decide if you approve it, and if so, we get to work.

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